Saturday, September 10, 2011

Please Help Me Find My Wife's Letters

Hello all.

My wife and I recently moved cross country.  We ended up shipping pretty much all of our stuff.  One of the boxes contained some clothes and then various files from our file cabinet--including a file that had correspondence from my wife.  I had meticulously kept every card, letter, post it note, etc that my wife had given me since we started dating 8 years ago.

The box arrived in horrible condition.  The entire side (well I think it was originally the top but it had been smashed) was split open.  Inside, there were a few letters and cards, some of our files, most of the clothes, and some other people's mail and books.  What we think happened was the box got damaged in shipping and spilled some contents out.  The mail carriers then stuffed whatever was around into the box, didn't reseal it and kept it going.  Needless to say, most of the letters are lost.  I called USPS and they will get me in contact with the lost mail department, but I'm not holding my breath.

I know the chances of the internet finding them are very slim, but I thought maybe if enough people see this, someone who ended up with our letters might find it.  Since we ended up with other people's books and letters, maybe my letters ended up in someone else's mail.  Please share this widely!!  If you happened to get our letters, please email me at



The box as it arrived

All That's Left From 8 Years of Letters and Notes

Random Children's Books Found in the Box

Random Person's Mail Found in the Box